Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sewing Saturday: DIY Curtains and Pillow Letters!!!

Getting the new nursery together has been a real project since it used to be Miss KJ's room and now we are expecting a boy.  The last project to finish is changing out KJ's pink curtains for something a little more boyish :)  So instead of spending the money and buying some (because I'm super cheap)  I looked through my extra fabric and found really cute blue and star fabric!!  So follow me and I'll show you how I made his curtains and some letter pillows with the left over material!!!

My measurements that I used for the curtains was 84x44.  Fold your material in half measure and cut to size.

Hem in the sides to finish the edges on both sides.

Once finished with the sides.... fold correct sides of the fabric together and sew along the top to close the rectangle.  Then turn fabric right side out so you are looking at the front of the curtains on the correct facing of the material.

At this point iron your fabric so the new seams stay nice and straight.

Measure from the top, 2 inches and then mark with pins or chalk.  I like using chalk.

Sew a straight line using a zigzag stitch where you marked the 2 inches.

Then mark 4 inches from your 2 inch line and sew a line just like you did before.  With these two 'compartments' for the rod you have some versatility to what size rod you use, and if you use the bottom compartment the top will help filter the light from the top of the window!

ALL DONE!!!!  Whole thing took about 40 mins to make.

Now.... in KJ's room we have the wood letters on her wall with her initials, but I couldn't find any wood ones I liked for ET, and I'm not a good painter.... so with the left over material from the curtains I made some initial 'pillows' to hang on his wall, or when he gets older have on his bed!

First put your letters on paper the exact size you want them and cut them out to use as a stencil.  Use a ruler to help keep the lines straight, it will make your life easier when it comes time to sew.

Pin the letters to your fabric which is doubled in half.  So you are cutting two sides to each letter at the same time.  Make sure you leave seam allowance when you cut.  I don't measure... I just eyeball it.

Here are the letters with the seam allowance on all sides ready to sew.

Sew right sides together leaving the top of the letter open.

Turn material right side out and stuff with some stuffing.  I chose to do 'light' stuffing since they are going on a wall.

Pin the top closed and pick some ribbon that you want to hang the letters with.  Cut two equal sizes of the ribbon for the two letters (one for each).  If you aren't hanging these on the wall, then you can skip the ribbon steps :)

Sew the ribbon and the top of the letter closed.  The ribbon can be fashioned anyway you want... I chose in the middle with the ends crossed over together.  It is a personal preference.

Repeat the directions for the next letter.....

My initials are done!!!!  Took about total time of about 45 mins to make both letters.  Super easy and super cute.  And the best part.... FREE!!!!

So here is our new nursery curtains and his initials!

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